The Club

About the club

We are a small club based at the Black Horse Pub in Great Missenden. We have historically benefited from access to a launch field right next to the pub and a bulk propane tank for refueling. We also have a club house behind the pub which we use when the pub is busy or we need some quiet time to study for the pilots examinations or just chill out and talk balloons. The club hut serves as HQ during the Annual "All Fools Meet" which occurs at Easter each year where all of the club balloons and teams get together and fly together. Currently there is NO access to the gas tank for refueling. The club is attempting to resolve the situation or provide alternative refueling facilities nearby.

Currently we have 40 members in the club including approximately 25 pilots flying  balloons and 3 pilots learning the ropes. You can see some of the balloons in the Photo Gallery. We are always on the look out for more people to join us and get involved and maybe even learn to fly. We are very lucky to have a number of very experienced balloonists in the club that just love to pass on their knowledge and skills to new pilots and enthusiasts. We also have a number of instructors and an examiner so we can help aspiring pilots with the whole process of qualifying for a British Hot air balloon pilot's license.


Our mission as a club is to ensure that all aspects of Hot Air Ballooning in the area are as inexpensive, fun, safe and accessible as possible.


We are affiliated to the British Balloon and Airship Club. Which is the organisation responsible for overseeing the flying activity of all balloonists in this country.


The club usually meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Black Horse Pub In Great Missenden starting at 7:30pm. Occasionally the committee arranges a guest speaker to entertain and educate us on club night, some instructional and some on topical issues. Above all though the emphasis at the meetings is on having fun and the opportunity to meet others interested in our sport.